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-My Homestay in Japan + Tips!-

bryan… via Compfight Hi everyone! Today I will be talking about my homestay and give you some tips if you have a homestay or just general tips for visits to Japan. My host was Yurika. She was awesome to host… Continue Reading →

-Magic Knowledge: Magic Wands & Staffs-

Des Morris via Compfight Hello everyone! This is a new series that I am creating called Magic Knowledge: [Insert topic here]. It basically talks about different parts of magic and all that. Let’s get started! What is a magic wand? … Continue Reading →

-Ice Cream!!!-

aaron_anderer via Compfight Hello readers! Today’s topic is Ice Cream! Let’s get started… Also, thank you hmsjennifer for helping me choose an ice cream flavor for the skit. Her blog talks about Kpop and Anime. If you like that kind… Continue Reading →

-Dreaming Daydream : Not What It Seems…-

dan boss via Compfight Hello there readers! Today I have another story for you and I hope you will like this. Now, let us get started!!! I would like to thank hmstani for helping me once again for name ideas!!! Make sure… Continue Reading →

-Just a Thought: If you had a chance to make a change, what would you change?-

Gauthier DELECROIX – 郭天 via Compfight Hello everyone! I had this thought pop into my head, and I just wanted to write a post about it. Let’s get started! Thought: If you had a chance to make a change, what… Continue Reading →


Hello there readers! Today I will be doing poems about different things. Let’s get started, shall we? Kenneth Spencer via Compfight The Sun Every day I rise Every night I fall Watching over everything Blazing neverending Even during the night… Continue Reading →

-Which Is Better?-

Hi there everyone! Today, I thought we could do something different. It will be based on choice and opinion! Now, enough talk, let’s get started… How this works: Look at both photo choices Choose which one you think is better… Continue Reading →

-Dreaming Daydream : Will You Be My Friend? Part 2-

Neil Moralee via Compfight Hello everyone! Sorry for the wait, I have been super busy with a lot of things lately. I would like to thank hmstani and hmsskye for the ideas in making this story possible. Thanks, guys! You’re… Continue Reading →


Terry Kearney via Compfight Hello readers! Today’s theme will be about marshmallows!!! Yes, a treat that is so wonderful I decided to dedicate this post for it. I would like to thank hmstani for making today post possible. She inspired me to… Continue Reading →

-My Reading Obsession-

Dmitry Fablov via Compfight Hi there everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day. Now, let’s move onto the fun part! “Books are a portable relaxer.” -Kira Why do I love books? I love books because it is relaxing… Continue Reading →

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